Monday, May 19, 2008

Feeling Good

So what if the idea of “magic” doesn’t create a feeling of joy, excitement and well being for you? Are you out of luck? (see the posts from May 12 and May 13 regarding the idea of "magic".)

Absolutely not! Look for other words and ideas that do create a feeling of joy and well being for you. Harmony, Freedom, Love, Adventure are some examples.

Reflect and take inspired action:
~Have you discovered some words that work well for you? Try different ones each day to see what works.
~What words/ideas give you a great feeling in your body, mind and spirit?
~Are you able to come back to your word/idea and create a sense of well being several times throughout the day?
~How does your day go when you are able to stay in a good feeling place by using this word (or any other way)?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!
Ask questions by leaving a comment too.

Have a fun and adventurous day!

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