Monday, May 12, 2008

Setting the Tone - Magical Places

Envisioning a magical place that you’ve visited is a way to create a feeling of well being and expansion in your mind, body and spirit. It can help you set the tone for the day or for the next segment of your day.

There is a magical place that I love to visit about an hour from where I live. I was there for the first time during the winter this past February doing some cross-country skiing. Usually I visit during the summer months for some hiking, so it was a treat to be there during the winter.

It was my very first time skiing on ungroomed trails and what a fantastic experience! I was breaking trail on *gigantic* snow drifts and taking in the scenery of the gorgeous mountain peaks. The trail in the trees was beautiful and it was a bit remarkable to realize we were skiing up and down over lots and lots of smaller snow drifts! It was *so* beautiful to see the different shapes of the drifts, the snow piled high on the logs and trees, and the snow crystals sparkling in the sunshine. Feeling the crisp, clean winter air on my face, hearing the sound of the skis gliding across the snow, and experiencing the feeling in my body of gliding over the snow... it all brought about an amazing feeling of freedom, expansion and a feeling of oneness.

Now, as I'm recalling this magical place and time, I'm experiencing the same feelings of freedom, expansion and well being. I will take these feelings into the next segment of my day, which happens to be late evening and getting ready to retire for the day. What a wonderful way to end the day!

Reflect and take inspired action
~What magical places do you enjoy visiting? Take a few minutes and recall a magical place that you’ve visited or a magical experience you’ve had and share it here by adding a comment. Use all of your senses to remember. Set the tone for the rest of your day by getting into the feeling space of this magical experience.

~Hold the memory in your body and mind often.

~Have the intention to create NEW magical experiences and journey to NEW magical places!

~Perhaps one new magical experience for you is a shamanic journey! I know you would be traveling to magical places! :-) See for more information.


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