Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Magic!

Yesterday I suggested that you recall magical places and experiences to help move you into a place of well being. Now, I'd like to suggest that you begin to make it your intention each day to see and experience magic and enchantment everywhere.

Last spring I immersed myself in the idea of "magic" as I created an interactive sculpture (see photo of the wizard's cabinet) and I found my life to be lighter, more fun, definitely more magical, and all around a great time! :-) It worked so well that I've decided to try it again this year. Spring time makes it easy as I witness things turning green and popping up out of the soil, flowers blooming, animals being born and warmer weather. And I've begun doing some more creating while holding the idea of "magic" around me. So far it seems to be working alot like last year!

Magic and enchantment to me are about viewing the world with wonder and believing that anything is possible! I allow myself to bathe in the feeling states the two words evoke: excitement, anticipation, joy, light-heartedness. Pretty good way to go through the day, wouldn't you say?

Reflect and take inspired action:
What do "magic" and "enchantment" mean to you?
What would you consider evidence of their existence?
What occurs as you have the intention to see and experience magic and enchantment?
Do you see and perceive things differently?
Do you feel differently?
Are you more inspired?
Do you find yourself doubting and having resistance?

Please share your experiences by commenting on this entry!


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1 comment:

Starra said...


I love your blog! This is just what I needed to see today. Thank you! Magic to me means a multitude of things all in one. Power, confidence, energy, peace, love, abundance, and joy. I am focused on feeling "Magical" today. I'm being faced with many challenges, and feeling overwhelmed at times, so my power and "Magic" is kicking in.

Congrats Lisa! I'll be checking in.

Starra : )