Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Glorious day! 8-12-08

What a glorious day today! Everything seemed perfect. Things were more vibrant and intense. The blue sky was bluer, the grass and leaves on the trees were greener, the white fluffy clouds floating by were whiter and fluffier! The mountains stood out so beautifully... watching the cloud shadows slither along the shape of the mountains, noticing the way the mountains were less distinct than the foot hills... noticing the wonderful shapes in the canyon this morning as I drove up into the mountains... oh, the shape of the trees! The different kinds of trees! The weeping willow! The brilliant colors of the flowers I saw, the bright mass of magenta petunias, the black-eyed susans in full bloom, the abundant sunflowers growing along the highway, everything was so beautiful and so intense... so real and THERE, so showing up for me. I'm in awe!

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