Saturday, September 6, 2008

Guided Meditation - Retrieving Power Animals

Join me for this teleconference call as I create sacred space with prayer and ceremony and safely guide you to
1) retrieve one or more power animals that will be most helpful to you at this time
2) ask them questions and receive answers
3) integrate their gifts

There will be a brief discussion about power animals before the meditation.

*immerse yourself in the love and support of Spirit
*practice self-care – enhances relaxation and peace, promotes a feeling of well-being
*bring yourself into alignment with your Inner Being/Soul
*strengthen and deepen your connection to Spirit, your Guides, Angels and other non-physical energy sponsors.

For those who prefer guided meditations. Also recommended for those interested in shamanic journeying, but don't feel quite ready to go into unguided journeys.

WHEN: Tuesday, Sept 16 9pm ET

$15 - payable by PayPal on my website at

Hope you can join me!


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