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Feeling the Oneness
This past spring I did a Wisdom Gathering shamanic journey on behalf of a friend. A piece of the wisdom she was given was the following:

"'Feeling the Oneness' is the answer. There is nothing left to do. No more doors to open-just this one. It is the answer to everything. It's time to DO IT. Not think about it, not intend, but DO IT. It is where freedom is! It is how you allow in unending love, fun, peace, trust, inspiration, money and all the things your heart desires. Make it a priority to feel the Oneness. NOW is the time."

Day to day life distracts us from feeling connected and we get caught up in "doing" and "trying". For example, I get caught in wondering and worrying what door I need to open or what stone I need to find and turn over to discover the "magic answer". In other words, what do I need to DO? What class do I need to take, what book do I need to read, what marketing do I need to do, what does my website need, and on and on... What do I need to DO for my life to move forward? The wisdom from this shamanic journey is suggesting that there is nothing left to do, except to feel the Oneness. Which could also be explained

there is really nothing left to DO, except BE
your infinite, eternal, unbounded self.

After receiving this wisdom I asked myself:
What does 'Oneness' feel like? How do I know I'm there?

The easiest place for me to really experience this expansion and connection is when I am in nature, though it's possible anywhere. Sitting on a boulder among some trees with a beautiful view of mountains off in the distance, I sense the stillness within me. I feel expanded, yet grounded. "I" don't end where my body ends. I sense the edges of my energy reach out farther and farther, encompassing the immediate area, the county, the state, the country, the world, and out into the cosmos, infinitely. I sense that "I" am the trees and the shrubs, the boulders and the hills. And the expansion goes beyond even that to the feeling that "I" am the sky and the clouds, the sun, moon and stars.

My brain/mind feels expanded as well. No more running like a hamster on a wheel, round and round and getting nowhere. I break out of that into something much more broad. There is no "my mind". "All That Is" is now "my mind".

I experience myself as a part of the whole: like the ocean, rather than a drop. My mind is calm: no worries, fears or concerns. I'm going with the flow of life, not trying to make it happen. Entirely present in the moment, I experience it fully with all of my senses. There is a feeling of lightness in my heart. My heart is open and expanded. It is a feeling of total well-being. A feeling of calmness, being relaxed, at peace and joyful. It is a feeling of love for myself, everyone and everything. I am living and expressing from my heart.

Experiment with feeling the Oneness:
Here are a few ideas to help you be in the moment, feel the oneness and BE Who You Really Are. Take one of these ideas and experiment with it for as little as a minute each day.
1. *Expansion* After a calming, deep breath or two, feel where the "edges" of your energy are and expand them as far as is comfortable. (Immediate area, county, state, country, world, universe.) Try to expand further each time you do this. Notice how it feels physically in your body.
2. *Stillness* Listen to the silence, within you and outside of you. Eckhart Tolle says that it is the stillness, the consciousness within you that is listening to the silence.
3. *Being in the moment* Notice all of your senses as you are doing the dishes, taking a shower, sitting in a cafe, etc. Notice what you can obviously see, hear, smell, feel, taste. Then see if you can notice more and more things that aren't so obvious. Notice how you feel, physically and emotionally.
4. *Love* Bring to mind something you feel unconditional love for, a place, person, puppy, sleeping baby, etc. Feel this unconditional love in your heart. Circulate the love within your body. After a few breaths, begin to circulate the love to people you love, people with whom you have challenges, situations that frighten or anger you, etc. Again, notice how you feel.
5. *Mind expansion* Imagine your skull opening up and your brain no longer being something separate, but instead imagine that your "mind" is stretching out in all directions, infinitely, and imagine infinity being "your" mind. Take note of how you feel and what happens to your thoughts.

It is from this state of Oneness that actions are accomplished much easier and faster. It is when synchronicities occur and life feels magical. I believe this is what the shamanic journey was about: feeling the Oneness makes life more joyful, more fun and easier! It is when inspiration occurs for the next actions to take and when new ideas come to you. It is the state that Mozart and Beethoven were in while writing their symphonies and that Einstein was in when his brilliant ideas came to him. Solutions and your most creative ideas are born in this state. It is WHO YOU ARE.

It is our challenge if we are interested, to not get caught up in day to day "doings", and instead to stay grounded (not so much thinking, worrying and wondering what to do) in order to experience this expanded feeling of Oneness more often; to experience the truth of who we are. And also, it is our challenge to catch ourselves when we stray from it and gently and lovingly nudge ourselves back on track.

There is nothing left to do except feel the Oneness and be the expanded, infinite Source being that you are! "NOW is the time."

For information on receiving wisdom especially for you and regarding something in your life, see

Share your thoughts by posting a comment. Share how Oneness feels to you, how you take yourself to this place of being or something else you are inspired to share.

Love and Magic,
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Starra said...

Feeling the oneness is when I get the best inspirations, and the best outcomes happen for me. I have as one of my goals to visit the oneness more often.


Charles said...

Lisa, your ideas about Oneness are so resonant with mine that I get "God-Bumps" reading your post. I feel challenged by the "doing" ethic. For so many years I was raised and trained to "do" so that I could "have" and then "be" who I wanted to be. Now I believe that I can first be the essence of what I want to have, whether it is material or non-material. Yet it is sometimes uncomfortable to just sit in the awareness of Being, with no agenda or sense of becoming or getting something. Thankfully I am experiencing it more but I don't feel as though I am doing it often enough. I feel more addicted to doing even when I have experienced the joy of just BEING. Wouldn't it be nice if I could be who and what I wanted to be without feeling that I had to do anything. :)

Thanks for your work and who you are BEING. I am really happy that I have met you!

Lisa Dieken said...

Thank you Starra and Charles for your comments!

Charles, you bring up some great points about BEING and feeling the Oneness...

I'll comment on them, hopefully for everyone's benefit. :)

I think we all have the skewed belief that "doing" will get us where we want to go. And it CAN be very uncomfortable when we aren't "doing" something, can't it? Be gentle with yourself as you transition from one way of living to a new way.

Witness yourself when you do feel like you want to "do" rather than be. What does it feel like? What comes up for you? Can you feel the anxiety associated with not doing? What are your beliefs about "doing" that are surfacing?

Recognize that the feeling isn't really you, it is the belief that you must do, do, do... just keep witnessing it, even if you are "doing"... the more you witness, the more you loosen the hold of the belief and you will consciously transition into a new way of living and being. (There are also tools and exercises available that help to modify beliefs at your core and give you new insights.)

Also recognize the actions/ideas that arise from within the state of "being". This is when inspired actions occur, when you have ideas that come from a place of abundance that you will find work out smoothly, easily, fluidly, perhaps magically...

Please continue to leave comments about the original article or about any of the comments already posted.

Much love,