Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Space Between

Happy New Year!

The Space Between

I want to live in the space between my thoughts.

There are no challenges, problems, fears or limits... only beauty, peace, love, joy and limitless possibilities.

All of my dreams reside there and welcome me home with tea and cookies.

I wrote this recently. The more I thought about these simple lines, the more I liked it. It felt to me like there is quite a bit being shared and I was inspired to share it with you.

It is an invitation to find the stillness within you, the space between your thoughts. Quiet your mind, the mind that creates fears, limits, problems and challenges. When you quiet your mind and live in the space between your thoughts, your experience is that of limitless possibilities, beauty, peace, love, joy, and abundance. It is the place that reflects WHO YOU REALLY ARE. The place of coming home, where you are treated with love and a wonderful welcome. Your dreams manifest when you embody these higher vibrational states of being, when you live in the space between your thoughts. Everything you want, wants you, welcomes you and life is playful.

May you live in the space between your thoughts!

Love and Magic,

© 2009 Lisa Dieken. All Rights reserved.

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