Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Rampage of Appreciation Game!

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I recently joined Facebook ( Friend me! Let me know you are a blog reader!) and started a Rampage of Appreciation Game! Facebook group. (It is based on a process written about in the book "Ask and it is Given", by Jerry and Esther Hicks.)

Join us in a community gratitude journal! I will soon be creating appreciation prompts for people to share. For example, I will ask you to find things to appreciate the next time you go to a grocery store (or as you sit in your chair and visualize a visit to grocery store) and then post them to the group.

As you participate in this group and make it a habit to find things to appreciate in your life expect

*the amount of authentic joy in your life to increase
*more things to appreciate and find joy in
*more fun and magic
*more joy and love to share with others
*more prosperity and abundance flowing into your life
*increased inspiration and creative ideas

Sharing our appreciations in a community setting as this and keeping a "log" of them
* creates a place where people can visit when they are wanting to bring more joy into their life: reading other people's loves and appreciations can help to promote a feeling of well-being and joy within us
* gives us ideas on things in our life to appreciate that we might be overlooking
* may provide a way to get to know each other better and celebrate each other's successes

Come join in the fun and create a wave of appreciation flowing out into the world.

Facebook group: Rampage of Appreciation Game!

Appreciating you,

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