Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learn how to grow from difficulties - E-book with bonus gifts

I wanted to pass this on to you as I know so many people with back injuries, fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. Sometimes you find a person whose life teaches lessons that you know are valuable, but you feel lucky you are not him. Marc Lerner, who has had MS for 29 years, has learned how to take incredibly difficult challenges and turn them into incredible spiritual experiences. One of our biggest challenges in life is how we deal with difficult situations. If you want to learn how to grow from difficulties instead of being defeated by them…I encourage you to read this e-book, A Healthy Way to Be Sick. After all – don’t we all know someone who is sick?

Marc, blind and in a wheelchair, says;
“The greatest lesson I learned from 28 years of dealing with a chronic illness is: The quality of your life doesn’t depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus. What if you learned how to develop a habit that freed you from your mind? Of course, that isn’t a place you have to live in all of the time; it is just a place to rest your consciousness when you face a challenge you cannot control.

When we go beyond our thinking mind, we find what I call the ‘Wisdom of the Body’. That is not a difficult place to find; kids play there and athletes find it in the zone. We touch it in passionate moments and at the depth of sincere prayers. So why can’t it become a natural place for shelter when we face difficult challenges?

My illness forced me to that depth. In my e-book, I share a simple technique that becomes an incredible habit. I feel within every person is the ‘Wisdom of the Body’. This habit consciously conditions your mind to touch that beyond thought reality as simply as breathing. This reality is within you always and when we ignore it…that is real ignorance. In that inner wisdom are powerful inner resources needed to face difficult times. This e-book had to meet 3 requirements when I wrote it for people in a health challenge; 1) it had to be profound 2) it had to be easy to understand and 3) it had to below $10.”

If you or anyone you know deals with a challenge they cannot control; I strongly recommend this e-book. Go to and read a mini version of the e-book. A Healthy Way to Be Sick will teach you the power you have to find quality in your darkest times. We all face challenges; now enjoy your life as you deal with what you cannot control. Simply click here to order A Healthy Way to Be Sick.

P.S. If you buy this $9.95 e-book you get great downloadable gifts from the world’s experts worth nearly $8,500.

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