Saturday, May 2, 2009

Taking Risks

Recently I was reading the book "What We Ache For" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and found some questions that really struck me:

"Am I hedging at all? What am I holding back? What don't I want to write or paint or explore? What am I refusing to risk?"

~How can you practice taking risks and not holding back, either in your creativity or in your life?
~What one small way can you "go for the gusto" today?

Leave a comment if you are inspired!


Starra said...

I can "Go for the gusto" by appreciating, and moving beyond the the realities that I usually would allow to bring me down. I feel the swirling energy of my brilliant creativity!

Tracie said...

oh these questions are scary to me....but that is good. I will have to think on these a while.