Sunday, June 21, 2009

Speaking of fun....

Yesterday I quoted Abraham-Hicks and mentioned how increasing the fun load can increase your revenue, but from the creativity standpoint, increasing the fun load is paramount as well! Nourishing the joyful child within is how we stay in the creative flow and remain open to inspiration and new ideas. Fun and play give us energy and create joy!

Yesterday I drew with sidewalk chalk for 15 minutes to feed my playful side. Sometimes I color in kids coloring books. Yes, I'll admit to it! If I don't go for regular hikes in the wilderness, she really gets grouchy. Photography and spontaneous drawing also keep her happy. Early this year she surprised me with a request to learn how to knit! I'll have to say it does seem kind of magical how knitting works!

Have you recently asked YOUR joyful inner child what she/he might find fun and playful?

Have you played today?

In joy,

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