Friday, September 4, 2009

Peak Experience

I DID IT! I made it to the summit of Long's Peak ~ 14,258 feet, 15 miles round trip, approximately 5000 feet elevation gain. WooHoo!

I've been training since the beginning of August... going on two big hikes a week, increasing the load in the backpack, the elevation, and the elevation gain with each hike... and learning about those places within that want to stop me. The places that don't want to persevere. And then NOT allowing them stop me; letting go and asking Spirit to transform them.

I've also been learning about how my mind sometimes looks at the big picture and gets frightened, when once I get started and "just do it", step by step, section by section, moment by moment, it really isn't that difficult! (By the way, this is putting "kaizen", as in "Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching", into practice! )

Though today my body is sore, yesterday and the climb feel like a dream.
"Life is but a dream." :) ( Row, row, row your boat.... gently down the stream....)

Here are some snippets of my day:

It was a day of headlamps and hiking in the darkness
Waking at 2 am, on the trail at 3 am

Stargazing with Orion looking down
A few glimpses of the near-full moon, she was setting behind the mountain as I climbed up
It was a day of linking soul to soul with the mountain
Resting in the dark watching the headlamps of other hikers move across the tundra
Being well above treeline, watching the red sun rise
Seeing the first morning light on the peak I was to soon be standing on...
Making it 5.9 miles and 3700 feet by 7:30 am

It was a day of rocks, scrambling, climbing, rocks... did I say rocks?

The last 1.6 miles and 1300 feet taking nearly 4 hours
Steep inclines and beautiful views
It was a day of not too much fear, it didn't seem as bad as my mind had made it up to be....
It was a day of laughter and a few tears
Focus and friendship
Clouds building up, sunshine, a few snow flurries, some breezes, and mostly stillness

It was a day of magic! Hearing Raven calling as I ascended up the last steep incline
Being at the summit and experiencing the air being absolutely still

It was a day of improving rock climbing and scrambling skills
It was a day of overcoming thoughts of quitting, of thinking I wasn't going to go any further.... twice (surprisingly ONLY twice! :) )

Connecting to the mountain and asking for help
Feeling deep appreciation for the experienced friend that helped me make it to the summit and back down!

It was a day of protein bars, water, water, water
Sore feet, sore muscles, sore hands(from climbing and scrambling!)
Fatigue and alertness

It was a day of presence. The difficulty of the climb creating the experience of being totally in the moment
Snowshoe hares with brown bodies and white feet, sweet little pica and a marmot or two
Seeing the full moon rising on my drive home, completing the journey
It was a day of celebration!


Here's me signing the register at the summit! My first Colorado 14'er!

I was so focused on my climbing and scrambling that I didn't take any photos of alot of my day on Long's Peak. Take a look at this description and these photos.(link below) Especially pay attention to "The Ledges", "The Trough", "The Narrows" and "The Homestretch". Keep in mind that the photos DO make it look steeper than it is, as no ropes were necessary to climb...

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Tracie said...

What a great day this must have been for you.....your description made me feel like I was there, although I'm sure it was harder than you made it seem! Great post, Lisa!

Congratulations on a BIG goal tiny step at a time (you Kaizen girl you)! Amazing feat of courage, strength, agility and perseverance! I'm simply in awe.