Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things I Love about SNOW!

1. The landscape looks different with a blanket of snow!
2. How it muffles all the sounds and makes everything quiet.
3. The amazing shapes of snowflakes.
4. Catching snowflakes on my tongue
5. Snow sculpture
6. Snow angels
7. The white snow against the blue sky
8. Shadows!
9. The crunch when I walk when the temperature is cold.
10.The mushiness of it when the temps are warmer.
12. It insulates plants from the cold.
13. The mixture of sand and snow (think street intersections) reminds me of chocolate chip cookie dough! Ha!
14. The tall grasses peaking through.
15. How it glistens in the sunlight.
16. Tracks! Whether it is tire tracks, foot prints, tracks from deer, bunnies, cats, dogs, ducks, geese, birds, and other little (and sometimes BIG) critters, I love seeing the imprints in the snow!

17. Have you ever noticed the wing/feather tracks from birds taking off and landing?
18. I love how the tracks in the snow allow me to see where the deer and other animals hang out! I feel like I’m being let in on a secret about the lives of the animals.
19. Making my own tracks with snow shoes, cross-country skis, shoes and boots.
20. The feeling of gliding across the snow on skis. Yeah!
21. Breaking new trail on my skis and snowshoes (and in my car!)
22. After a new snowfall, when the tree branches are covered, and then the sky clears and the sun is out and everything is sparkling and magical!

What do YOU love about snow? :)


Lisa said...

I've had comments in facebook...

-watching the snow falling
-the moonlight and moon shadows
-noticing how the snow drifts over and around things....

What would you like to add? :)

Tracie said...

For me, snow is memories....memories because I live in sunny Southern California, and the closest I've been to snow in a few years is the view of the mountains on my northern horizon (where Big Bear/Snow Valley ski resorts reside).

So my fond memories of snow are:

1. unexpected "snow days" off in my childhood homes of Tennessee and Texas! Yay for snowmen, snowball fights and sledding down hills on metal trash can lids!

2. learning to ski (yay!) from an ex-boyfriend (boo!). Guess I gave up the skiing when I gave up the guy! Ooops! Bet I still could ski pretty darn well though (he was a great teacher, bad boyfriend)!

Lisa said...

Tracie! Yes! Snow days - Weren't those the best!? :)

And yay! for learning how to ski! Maybe a trip to one of those ski resorts is in order!

Thanks for posting!